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Essential Driving Test Manoeuvres

Some driving pupils find it easier to learn driving skills by watching an expert perform manoeuvres first. Many others find it useful to be able to refer back to a video in-between lessons so that they can rehearse the manoeuvre in their heads before getting back behind the wheel.

Whether you’re studying for your driving test with us or not, we’ve made our library of driving tuition videos freely available to everybody. This page covers the following seven essential driving test manoeuvres:

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Man performing a driving test manoeuvre in his car.

Controlled Stop Exercise (Emergency Stop)

Learn how to do the Controlled Stop Exercise or Emergency Stop safely. You may be asked to perform this exercise as part of your practical driving test.

MSPSL Routine

MSPSL stands for Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Look. In this video, Howard shows you how to use the MSPSL routine when you’re approaching and emerging from junctions.

Turning Right at a Crossroads

Howard demonstrates how to safely turn right at a crossroads controlled by traffic lights. This video was filmed in Norwich at the St. Williams Way and Thunder Lane crossroads.

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Turn in the Road (Three Point Turn)

A short demonstration of how to do a turn in the road (or three point turn as it’s otherwise known). There’s a good chance you’ll be asked to perform this manoeuvre in your practical test, so it’s well worth mastering.

Parallel Parking (Reverse Parking)

Parallel parking (or reverse parking as it’s sometimes known) is another one of the manoeuvres that you can be asked to perform as part of your driving test. In this video, Howard gives a brief demonstration of a parallel park.

Bay Parking (Left and Right)

In this video Howard shows you how to do a bay park, both to the left and to the right. The bay park is another essential manoeuvre that you may be asked to perform in your test.

Reverse Around A Corner

Learn how to reverse around a corner (to the left) safely and confidently. Howard’s demonstration will show you how to ace the manoeuvre if you’re asked to perform it in your driving test.