Level 2: Intermediate driving skills

A car door mirror showing lanes of traffic behind. Learning to use your mirrors safely is part of the MSPSL routine.

Using MSPSL at junctions

The MSPSL routine (Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed and Look) helps you deal effectively with any junction found on British roads.

MSPSL is part of the MSM (Mirror, SIgnal, Manoeuvre) routine. The manoeuvre part of this routine is broken down into PSL, which stands for Position, Speed and Look.

You’ll learn how to use the MSPSL routine to help you navigate junctions safely. This video tutorial covers:

  • Open and closed junctions
  • The LADA routine
  • Peep and creep
  • Walk across, drive across rule
JUNCTIONS MSPSL | Ultimate guide | Learn to drive with Howard

Using MSPSL at roundabouts

In this driving skills video you’ll learn how to deal with busy roundabouts using the MSPSL (Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed and Look) routine.

We’ll cover how to handle some of the common problems when faced with a tricky roundabout. You’ll also learn how to find the right opportunity to pull out safely.

To give you a great example to work with, this video was filmed on the notorious Heartsease roundabout in Norwich. This roundabout is difficult to use safely as it has five exits and doesn’t have any lane markings. Each exit is always busy with pedestrian crossings and shops.

Be sure to watch the video to the end as we will show you how to find that elusive gap on a busy roundabout!

ROUNDABOUTS MSPSL | The Ultimate Guide | Learn to drive with Howard

How to handle large multilane roundabouts

In this driving lesson tutorial you’ll learn how to deal with multi-lane roundabouts using the MSPSL routine.

We’ll use a three lane roundabout as an example. You will be guided on how to turn left and right as well as exit straight ahead.

Just like with did with the tutorial above, we’ll cover how to handle some of the common problems when faced with a multi-lane roundabout and how to make sure it’s safe to pull out.

MULTI-LANE ROUNDABOUTS | The Ultimate Guide to large roundabouts | Learn to drive with Howard.

Using traffic lights safely as a driver

This video lesson covers everything you need to know when dealing with traffic lights in the UK.

You’ll learn how to use the MSPSL routine to negotiate traffic lights safely. In this driving lesson tutorial we’ll cover:

  • Turning right at traffic lights – with and without filter lights
  • Traffic lights with multiple lanes
  • How to use traffic lights with yellow box junctions
  • Turning left at traffic lights that have slip roads
  • Using traffic lights safely when you encounter large vehicles
TRAFFIC LIGHTS | The Ultimate Guide on dealing with traffic lights | Learn to drive with Howard

Safely perform an emergency stop

The ‘emergency stop‘ or controlled stop exercise is technically not a manoeuvre but it is still a part of the UK driving test. You may well be asked to perform this routine on your test so it’s worth knowing what to expect!

In this tutorial video you’ll learn about how your driving examiner will conduct the exercise safely. We’ll also cover what you will be expected to do.

Make sure to watch this video all the way through to the end so that you can also learn what not to do when performing a controlled stop.

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