Driving Instructor Training in Norwich

2 out of every 3 PDIs will FAIL their Part 3 ADI test!

65% of PDIs will fail their ADI Part 3 test. But you don't need to be a victim of statistics! As a registered ORDIT trainer & Grade A instructor, Howard reveals the three most common mistakes PDIs make and shares his top tips to pass first time.

A female driving instructor teaching a learner driver.

Drive to increase number of female instructors

How-2-Drive is bidding to recruit more females after it was revealed just over one-fifth of driving instructors in Norfolk and Suffolk are women. Read on to learn more about why becoming a driving instructor could be the right move for you.

Picture showing International Women's Day sign and a How-2-Drive car

How-2-Drive celebrates International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women at the heart of How-2-Drive, and making the case for more women to consider a career as a female driving instructor.

Lilin, who we helped to pass her ADI exams.

Our New Trainee Driving Instructor PDI Licence Course

Due to recent changes to the ADI part 3 exam, our PDI training process has evolved. Read on to find out why teaching real pupils on a PDI Licence is now a far more important step to passing your final test.

Driving Instructor Training in Norwich

New ADI Part 3 Test Changes in December 2017

After a false start, the old part 3 Pre-Set Test (PST) format was replaced by the new ADI part 3 test on 23rd December 2017. Whether you are a pupil or a trainee driving instructor, learn more about these changes and how they will affect you.