Latest driving test statistics from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency show learners in Norwich continue to outperform the rest of Norfolk and Suffolk on the theory test.

From April to June this year, it was Norwich females who did best, with 54.8% passing, compared to the national average overall of 47.2%.

Males in King’s Lynn performed least well, with a 42.8% pass rate.

Pass success on practical test

Males in Norfolk and Suffolk, however, continued the trend of doing better than females on the practical test. This was particularly so in Ipswich where 66.4% of males passed, compared to the national average overall of 46.4%.

Learners who passed at both Norwich test centres and in King’s Lynn also beat the national average. Candidates in Bury St Edmunds and Lowestoft did less well, with 39.2% and 44.8% passing respectively.

There wasn’t much between candidates at the two Norwich test centres; the pass rate at Jupiter Road was 55.8%, and it was 55% at Peachman Way.

Among those passing their test were those who nailed it at the first attempt, with the males in Ipswich again coming out top with a pass rate of 66.5% compared to the national average of 46.6%, while females in Bury St Edmunds had the lowest first-time pass rate in Norfolk and Suffolk with 39.7%.

Practically perfect drivers

And of those who passed their practical test first time are of course the extra special tiny minority of candidates who managed to do it without picking up any faults at all – of which we have had our fair share at How-2-Drive!

With a national average of just 0.62% of people achieving this feat out of everyone taking a test, candidates in Ipswich and Norwich trumped this with over 1% in both places completing the perfect test.

Automatic test results

On the automatic test, it was again Ipswich males who picked up the best results in Norfolk and Suffolk, with 64.3% passing compared to a national average of just 38.8%.

Candidates in King’s Lynn, Lowestoft and at both Norwich test centres also came out higher than the rest of the country overall.

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