Most of us can manage a quick once over now and then to remove the worst of the dirt and dust from our cars. But do you know how to get your pride and joy looking as good as new?

The good news is that you can get that new car feeling without having to fork out for a brand new set of wheels! Read on for our top 5 car cleaning tips.

1). Paint away the dust

Dust easily gets caught up in those hard to reach spaces in your car. All those air vents and buttons provide refuges that a duster just can’t reach.

The best way to tackle these awkward spots is to use a paintbrush. The fine bristles will get into all those nooks and crannies, helping to loosen the dust which can then be removed for good with a vacuum cleaner. Just make sure you pick a brush that your dad hasn’t used to varnish the kitchen table with first!

2). Make it shine with Vaseline

If you want to get your car interior really shining, forget the elbow grease — grab some Vaseline instead! Once you’ve got rid of the dust (see the tip above), use a cloth to spread a thin layer of Vaseline over the dashboard. You’ll be amazed to see your car’s interior looking just as bright and shiny as the day it rolled off the production line.

3). Remove pet hair with a damp rubber glove

If your dog often comes with you on road trips, your car’s upholstery is probably caked in fur. The best way to remove pet hair from car seats is to dip a rubber glove in water and then rub the upholstery to gather all the hair together. The bundled up fur can then be easily picked off.

Bonus tip — mix a little fabric softener with the water to help remove pet odours as well.

4). Use corn flour to get rid of grease stains

If you have dreaded oil or grease stains on your upholstery, don’t worry! You’ll be glad to hear there’s any easy way to remove these tough stains. Simply pour some corn flour on the affected area, leave for ten minutes and then wipe away. The corn starch will soak up the grease or oil and remove the stain as if by magic!

5). Use kerosene for a professional looking shine

Wax that’s specially formulated for cars can be expensive and difficult to apply. If you want the shiny finish without the fuss, mix some kerosene with water and apply to the outside of your vehicle after washing. Once the mixture has dried, your car will look bright, shiny and brand new.


We hope these car cleaning tips help you to bring your vehicle back to showroom condition. Whilst you’re here, why not look at some of our other invaluable driving tips?