How-2-Drive instructors are self-employed independent driving instructors. This means the contract for tuition is between your instructor and you.

As a driving school we do not accept any payments for driving lessons. You will make all payments for your lessons directly to your instructor.

Your instructor

You can expect your instructor to:

  • Behave in a professional, courteous and supportive way.
  • Agree clear lesson objectives with you at the start of each lesson.
  • Be on time with a clean car – inside and out.
  • Provide you with their contact mobile phone number via the Total Drive app.
  • Update all your records via the Total Drive App during each lesson. These records will include your:
    • Progress Record
    • Appointments Record
    • Payments Record
    • Reflective Log
  • Refund the balance of payments for unused lessons in the event that you stop having lessons. The amount refunded will exclude any fees for late cancellations or terminated lessons.
  • Give you an honest opinion as to your readiness to take the practical driving test.
  • Allow you to use their car for practical tests providing you have demonstrated a safe standard of driving. You instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of their car in the event that they feel you are not ready.
  • Inform you as soon as possible if a lesson needs to be re-arranged due to unforeseen events.

You – the pupil

In return, we ask that you:

  • Are able to read a number plate at a distance of 20 metres.
  • Bring your photo card Provisional Driving License to your first lesson.
  • Provide information about your driving licence to your instructor – instructions on how to do this will be provided.
  • Download the Total Drive app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Wear sensible shoes for driving.
  • Inform your instructor of any changes which may affect your entitlement or ability to drive.
  • To be in a fit state for your driving lesson. For example, being on medication that causes drowsiness or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not acceptable. If your instructor suspects you are not in a fit state to drive, the lesson will be terminated and you will be charged the full lesson fee.

Pre-payments and cancellations

  • You are required to make full payment for lessons at least 48 hours before your scheduled lesson. This must be made by bank transfer directly to your instructor. Your instructor will contact you before your first lesson to provide full payment details.
  • If you do not make the pre-payment at least 48 hours before your lesson then your instructor may release your slot to another student. Your instructor will normally send you a reminder before this deadline is reached.
  • In the event you need to cancel a pre-booked lesson you must contact your driving instructor immediately via the Total Drive app or on the mobile number they provided. Do not call the main office number as there is no guarantee your message will be passed onto your instructor in time.
  • Any lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full lesson fee.
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* According to the DVSA (the people who set the driving test) it takes on average 47 hours of driving lessons and another 20 hours of private practice to pass the driving test.

By using our structured training system we help our customers pass after an average of just 30 hours of driving lessons — that’s 17 hours less than the DVSA average!