Course & payment terms

  • The deposit is to be paid in full at the time of booking to us, How 2 Drive
  • The deposit is non-refundable so please make sure you can attend on the agreed dates.
  • The remaining balance must be paid in full to the instructor BEFORE the start of the course.
  • Your instructor will contact you and provide their bank details so you can transfer the funds directly to them.
  • Your course includes 20 hours of in-car training with an Approved Driving Instructor.
  • Your course will be delivered Monday to Friday during daylight hours.
  • You will get a refreshment break so ensure you bring some food & drink or some money to buy some.
  • After your course you may purchase additional training as required at the current hourly rate, you should arrange this with your instructor. 


  • If you cancel your course you will lose your deposit.
  • For any additional training arranged directly with your instructor, you will need to give at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel, otherwise, you will be charged the full lesson price.

Driving test bookings & the fast-track service

  • If you need to take the Theory Test, we’ll provide full access to the Theory Test Pro app.  Please request this at
  • After the course has been completed, your instructor will advise you if you are ready to book your practical driving test.
  • If you are not ready, you can arrange additional training with your instructor at an additional cost.
  • Your instructor has the right to refuse the use of their car if they feel you are not ready, so please check with them before booking if you intend to use their car for your test.
  • Once you have booked your practical driving test you can request that we (How 2 Drive) arrange to have your test fast-tracked.  We can add your test details to our system which will try to find you an earlier test date. Please request this at by providing your test booking reference number along with your Licence Number.
  • We can’t guarantee to find you a test sooner as this will depend on the availability of tests on the DVSA booking system in the local area.

Prerequisites to taking our intensive course

Before we can book you on to your course you will need the following:

  • You MUST have a valid Provisional licence and bring this with you to show your instructor at the start of your course.
  • You MUST be able to read a number plate at 20 meters.
  • You acknowledge that your personal data will be held and processed by us in connection with your course.

Our instructors

All our intensive driving instructors are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs).

How-2-Drive instructors are self-employed franchisees. This means the contract for tuition is between the instructor and you. All monies paid to them are the property of the instructor and not the driving school.


  • Us / We / School / How-2-Drive – your training provider
  • You – the customer, the pupil, the learner, the student.
  • Instructor – your instructor, the person delivering your training
  • Course – your in-car driving tuition.
  • DVSA – Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency
Our new A1 intensive tuition car.

In the dark about driving?

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* According to the DVSA (the people who set the driving test) it takes on average 47 hours of driving lessons and another 20 hours of private practice to pass the driving test.

By using our structured training system we help our customers pass after an average of just 30 hours of driving lessons — that’s 17 hours less than the DVSA average!