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Trailer Towing Category B+E Training

Trailer Training Course Norwich - B+E Towing Test

Looking for a trailer towing course?

Pass your B+E trailer test to get your licence for towing

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Want to pass your B+E trailer test?

So, you want to get your trailer towing licence! At How-2-Drive, we have instructors who have been specially trained to provide trailer towing courses.

Whether you want to master the art of towing a larger trailer, caravan, boat or horsebox, we have a towing course to suit you.

You may just want to get more confident with towing. Or perhaps you need to pass the B+E test to be able to tow legally. Either way, we can deliver the right course for you.

Trailer test included – or not…

We offer trailer training on its own or, with our full trailer training course, the trailer test cost is included!

We offer our training sessions in either half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) sessions. You can always book additional sessions as required.

Which towing course is best for me?

The half day course
(4 hours)

You regard yourself as a good driver. In driving situations you demonstrate high standards of awareness, anticipation, planning and judgement. You feel you’d comfortably pass the standard car driving test.

Mainly, you’re looking to gain confidence in reversing with a trailer. You also want to know what is expected of you in order to pass the B+E test.

The half day course without the test is just £200!

If you need to take the test, we can get that booked for you too!  Half day training plus the test fee and the use of our vehicle and trailer for the test is £415.

The full day course
(8 hours training with a break for lunch)

This course is recommended for drivers that need to brush up on their general driving ability in order to pass the trailer driving test. You feel you’ll require more practice time to develop your basic reversing proficiency.  

The full day course without test is just £400!

If you need to take the test, we can get that booked for you too.  The full day training plus the test fee and the use of our vehicle and trailer for the test is £615.

Not sure how many trailer lessons you’ll need?

If you’re not sure how much training to book, we recommend booking an initial half-day training course. Your instructor can then assess your current ability and recommend how many sessions you’ll need to get to the standard required for safe towing.

You can then book additional half or full day courses as required before applying for your B+E trailer test.

What else is included in the trailer licence course?

At the start of the course, your instructor will ask you some questions about your previous experience. You will then agree on goals and crack on with your one-to-one practical trailing.

Included in the course fees, you’ll be given:

  • A Trailer Training Manual to consolidate your learning as you go
  • The latest version of The Highway Code so you can be sure you are driving within the law

On your towing course, we’ll cover: 

  • Eyesight test
  • Vehicle safety check questions and answers
  • The ‘S’ Reversing manoeuvre  
  • On road driving ability assessment
  • Independent driving
  • Uncoupling and re-coupling the trailer
  • The Highway Code and relevant trailer towing laws
  • A full debrief from your instructor with recommendations

A trailer towing course near you

All our tow training is delivered on a one to one basis, so you won’t have to share your trailer lessons with anyone else. We use only our best specialist instructors who have achieved the DVSA’s Grade A standard for driving instruction.

We deliver the on-road B+E licence training in Norwich. We also have our own off-road area where you can practice the reversing manoeuvres safely.

You will receive your own copy of our Trailer Training Manual to keep. This is an effective way to consolidate what you have already learned and to prepare yourself for your trailer test.

How much does the UK trailer licence course cost?

Trailer Training onlyTrailer Training + Towing Test
Includes full training on the reversing manoeuvre, coupling & decoupling and a driving assessment.Same as full training – plus we’ll book your test for you and include the use of our vehicle and trailer.
Half Day£200£415*
Full Day£400£615*
*Weekday test fee is £115. Add £26 for a weekend test.

Do you offer training at weekends?

Yes, we do offer training at the weekends. We have limited availability for weekend courses, so please state your preference when you book. Our course fees for weekends and weekdays are the same.

Occasionally the DVSA offer tests at the weekend on Saturdays. Please note there is an additional charge of £26 for weekend tests, which we will add to your course fee if you ask us to book a test on a Saturday.

What vehicle will I train in?

You can choose between a manual or automatic Land Rover Freelander 2 4x4 vehicle for your training. This may be subject to change so please ask at the time of booking to confirm. You may use your own vehicle if you prefer. Our course fees are the same whichever vehicle you decide to use. There are no additional fees for using our automatic vehicles.

The trailer you’ll be towing has a double axle, which is easier to manoeuvre! The trailer will be fully loaded, weighing in at 800kg. This will give you a realistic towing experience so that you can learn how to deal with the additional weight.

Are your instructors qualified to deliver my trailer training?

Yes, you’ll be in very good hands with our specialist towing instructors. All of our B+E trailer trainers are DVSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) who hold the Grade A standard. They also hold the DVSA Fleet Badge and have a wealth of experience in professional driver training. This means our trainers know exactly how to develop the skills of experienced full driving licence holders.

We believe that fun gets done. We’ll make sure you enjoy your training and come away with lots of great driving tips and techniques to help make our roads safer for all drivers.

Towing lessons FAQs

How much is the UK trailer test?

The UK trailer test costs £115 if taken on a weekday or £141 at evenings (after 4.30pm) and weekends. You can book your test on the DVSA website – or if you take towing lessons with us we can book it for you!

Is the trailer test hard?

Yes, it is a demanding test. Most people will need to take towing lessons with a fully-qualified ADI to get the skills they need to pass.

The DVSA towing test lasts 75 minutes. You will be required to perform the following practical tasks: a reversing manoeuvre, a coupling and un-coupling exercise and an inspection of your trailer to demonstrate that it is fit to tow. You will also have to answer safety questions about towing. To complete your test, you will then take the examiner out on the road for 50 minutes.

Learn more about how our trailer towing course will teach you the skills you need to get your Category B+E licence.

What is the trailer test?

The car and trailer test or “B+E test” is for qualified drivers who want to tow legally on UK roads. If you passed the Category B (car) test after 1st January 1997, then you must pass this test before you tow anything heavier than 750kg, such as a caravan, boat or trailer.

Do you have to pass a test to tow a caravan?

Yes you do. To tow a caravan on British roads you must have the B+E entitlement on your driver’s licence. If you passed the Category B (car) test after 1st January 1997, then you also have to pass the B+E test to tow a caravan legally in the UK.

If you passed the driving test before that date, you’ll already have categories B+E on your licence. This means you can tow legally without passing a test. Regardless, we recommend that all drivers who are new to towing take trailer towing lessons, even if they don’t need to pass the test. This helps to ensure drivers can tow safely and stay on the right side of the law.

Am I eligible to take trailer training?

To take one of our trailer training courses you’ll need to hold a full UK driving licence for category B vehicles (cars). You must have already passed the UK driving test in a car and be able to demonstrate a safe standard of driving. If you feel your driving standards have slipped since passing the test, our instructors will be able to help you improve your driving skills.

As with the standard driving test, you need to meet the minimum eyesight requirements by reading a number plate from a distance of 20 meters. You do not need to pass a theory test to get your trailer licence. However, you will be expected to answer some questions about towing during your practical exam.

Can I tow a trailer on my licence in the UK?

To legally tow a trailer in the UK you must have the correct entitlements on your driving licence. If you passed your driving test on or after 1st January 1997 then you will only have Category B entitlement. By law this means you will only be allowed to tow a small trailer with a maximum authorised mass MAM of less than 750kg.

If you are not sure when you passed your test, check your towing entitlement by looking at the back of your driving licence. In column 9, the “BE” row must have a “Valid to” date (column 11). If there are no dates displayed in this row (as shown in the picture below), you are not allowed to tow a large trailer, caravan or horsebox. If you don’t have the B+E categories on your licence then you’ll need to pass the B+E trailer test.
Check your entitlement on the back of your driving licence to see if you can legally tow a trailer in the UK.

Get towing in time for a summer getaway!

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Thinking about towing a trailer?

  • You may already hold a valid UK driving licence – but that does not mean that you are automatically entitled to tow a large trailer or caravan.
  • Check your driving licence to find out your entitlements for the different classes of towed equipment.
  • If you currently drive but don’t have a UK driving licence, we can help you pass the UK driving test first.
  • And, of course, if you don’t have a driving licence at all, we can help you pass your test in less time than the DVSA average.

Ready to get towing?

No matter your level of experience we have a trailer course for you!

Our experienced instructors will help you pass your B+E test in less time.

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Pass your trailer towing test with our trailer and Land Rover Freelander 2 tuition vehicle.

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