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Should I Take An Intensive Driving Course?

An Intensive Driving Course — Shortcut to Success?

If you’re short of time or strapped for cash, you might be tempted to take an intensive driving course instead of regular weekly driving lessons.

But intensive driving courses are just like being at boot camp. You have only five days to learn every aspect of driving. As soon as you’ve ticked one thing off the list you’re moved onto the next thing to learn.

Taking an intensive driving course is just like being at boot camp.
driving low pass rate and failure

Fast-Track to Failure?

The pass-rate for intensive driving courses is very low — well below the national average for the practical driving test.

With intensive lessons you will often be introduced to a new skill, have a couple of chances to practice, then move onto the next new topic. Not only is this exhausting, but you just don’t get the time to process new information and reinforce your learning.

no substitute for driving time experience

Experience is Everything

Most intensive courses will only give you 20 hours of actual driving experience. You’ll spend the remainder of your time in a classroom.

To become a confident and competent driver you’ll need to clock up plenty of time behind the wheel. Most driving instructors agree there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to driving safely.

With an intensive driving course, you’ll have just five days to master all the skills you’ll need to have to be able to drive confidently. That’s a real challenge for even the most natural learner drivers!

In our view, intensive courses simply don’t give learners enough experience for them to feel confident taking their practical test.

If you’re serious about passing the first time we’d strongly urge you to take regular weekly driving lessons instead.

writing down - reflective log

Time To Reflect

To develop new skills effectively, you need time to reflect upon your learning. But intensive courses don’t give you enough time between lessons to do this.

With intensive lessons, you need to learn very quickly and that approach might not suit you best. But by taking regular weekly lessons you’ll have plenty of time between each session to reflect upon your learning.

A good instructor will encourage you to keep a reflective log. After each lesson, you’ll write down the things you did well, what you could improve on, and what questions you’d like to ask next time.

This time spent in-between lessons is vital to passing with confidence. This is why little and often is a much better learning model.

time is crucial

But I’m in a Hurry to Pass My Test!

A semi-intensive option may work better if you want to pass your driving test quickly. Usually, this will involve taking a two-hour lesson each day, or every other day.

If you’re in a rush this is a much better option than an intensive driving course!

Can’t Wait to Get Started?

Learning to drive and gaining your new found freedom is exciting, so we bet you can’t wait to get started! Even if you haven’t decided whether to go for regular weekly driving lessons or an intensive course, you can begin practising your theory test right now.

To help you get on the road, we’re giving you access to the Theory Test Pro app, completely free of charge! Simply click the banner to sign up and get practising!