What if I Already Hold a Foreign Driving Licence?

You might find driving in the UK very different to your home country. To prepare you we offer a UK Driving Familiarisation course that covers the things you need to know. We can also help you pass the UK practical test if required.

How Long are the Refresher Lessons?

Refresher sessions are two hours long. We can fit in a lot of tuition into that time so you might only need to take one lesson. If you feel there are more skills and techniques you’d like to cover then you are welcome to book more than one session.

What is Covered in the Refresher Driving Course?

It’s entirely up to you! Our course is tailored to your specific needs. You might feel there are certain skills you want to practice or new situations to experience. So you might want to brush up on your parking, drive along a motorway, or prepare to take an advanced driving test.