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How to Pass Your ADI Part 3 Test

Part 3 of your ADI exam is the instructional ability test.

The test will last for 1 hour and will be split into two 30 minute phases.  The senior examiner (SE) will play the role of the pupil and will decide which Pre Set Test (PST) you will take.  The SE will also decide the route you will use for the training, to ensure he/she can examine you on all required aspects.

For the first phase you will be delivering a lesson to a pupil who is a beginner or at the part-trained stage.  During the second phase you will be delivering a lesson to a different pupil (played by the SE) who is at either the trained stage or is a full license holder.

Before each phase the SE will give you a word picture to set the scene for the type of pupil and what training they would like you to deliver.  It is important that you listen carefully to this word picture to ensure you deliver the correct training at the correct level for the pupils ability.

Core Competencies

During the test the SE will access your ability to resolve driving faults.  There are 3 core competencies you are expected to follow.  They are:

  1. Fault identification
  2. Fault analysis
  3. Remedial action

In order to pass the Part 3 test, you must reach a satisfactory standard in each — at least a grade 4 to 6.  If you score 3 or below in any of these areas a fail will be recorded.

During your training we will make sure you know how to resolve all faults across all PST’s to ensure you can pass.

Instructional Techniques

During the test, the SE will also assess the seven Instructional Techniques:

  1. Level of Instruction
  2. Planning
  3. Control of lesson
  4. Communication
  5. Q&A technique
  6. Feedback & encouragement
  7. Use of dual controls (if required)

Your attitude and approach to the pupil will also be assessed.

Each competency listed above will be graded from 1 to 6.  Grade 6 being the highest grade.  A grade of 4 and above is satisfactory.  You can afford to drop below a grade 4 on the instructional techniques and still pass.

Practice and Support All the Way

During your training we will work on all competencies giving you plenty of opportunity to practice and get to the required standard.

The ADI Part 3 test is not easy. You will have to work long and hard to achieve the high standard required to pass.  Not everyone will have the motivation to become a driving instructor.  Hard work and commitment are essential.

To get started, why not download our free Pre-Set Tests worksheets.

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